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Magic in the Middle Ground

I was talking to someone yesterday and he was telling me that now the disorder is leaving we must fill me up with greater things to build my future. The focus is no longer about where I was but where I am going. A beautiful statement laced with such truth and hope. Words straight from God directing my path spoken out of complete faith. But it evoked very different reactions as it fell on two sets of ears. Authentic Jenna and Disordered Jenna each felt their own spectrum of emotions. That verbal evidence and confirmation of what I already felt was happening brought to the surface much more than I anticipated. However, it was in those mixed emotions I came to the beautiful realization that I am standing in the most powerful place of transition right at the cusp of transformation. I embraced the magic in the middle ground.

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Amina means soul in Italian. Our soul is who we authentically are where our emotions, our faith, and our hopes reside. We are not our bodies. We are what is within, and once we embrace that, healing can truly begin. It is in letting our souls be seen and heard by living in authenticity that we can find peace. It is in getting the authentic you, the one you want to be and envisioned becoming, to meet the current you and become one that we live in harmony. It is my job to walk alongside you and make that happen.

If you are tired of the constant battles within fighting the fears, insecurities, shame, and lies that are trying to trap you from embarking into true living , then I can help you claim victory once and for all. Sign up for my coaching and receive a free introductory session.