Weekly Round-Up

I thought that I would try something new. Every week, I want to share with all of my readers a little recap of my week. My hope is that it serves as a way to connect with people and help people get to know who I am a bit more while simultaneously help me to get to know who I have become this week. We are always changing, and it is easy to lose sight of the beauty in what we are transforming into and all that we have overcome. 

Can’t miss TV: Wednesday at 10 o’clock is my weekly date with the wonderful Nev Schulman of “Catfish”. There is no denying my crush on him. That smile, his kindness, his sincerity, his humor….I could just go on :) It intrigues me to see how one can so easily hide themselves, and the great lengths we take to cover up who we are in fear of revealing our true identity. This show reminds me of why I do what I do; helping people to love and fully accept themselves so there is no need to hide and know that it is OKAY to be seen.

Food love: I cannot get enough of Breyer’s Blasts birthday cake flavor. It is heaven in my mouth! The delectable yellow cake pieces in a creamy cake flavored ice cream with a pop of color in the form of rainbow sprinkles makes my stomach smile every night. Always my perfect way to end my day. Add that on Wednesday while watching Nev, and I am in paradise.

New discovery: So this is really random but definitely something good to know. Ever since moving, I haven’t had the best luck with cars (that is putting it lightly). I got a new car recently and not even a couple days later, I noticed a coolant leak. I was sent to a mechanic to figure out where the issue was. Little did I know it would be easy to find! How many people know that when coolant dries it turns white?! That made it quick to spot where the issue was and allowed me to breathe again. Crossing my fingers the problem is fixed for good now so I can drive in peace. I have learned more about cars in the past few months than in my lifetime. If this life coaching thing doesn’t work out, perhaps I will be a mechanic :)

Something to work on: I need to stop saying ‘never’. Every time I do, God reminds me that He is in control and has other plans. I came to Florida saying I would ‘never’ do something. God has once again redirected me. More on that development to come…

Favorite laugh this week: I randomly stumbled across my favorite episode of “Roseanne” on one of my days off. The episode where the salesman dies in their kitchen never fails to get me to belly laugh. I decided to DVR it to have whenever I need a good chuckle. You never know when those moments will come you need a little pick me up to revitalize you.

What I am most excited for: Seeing my mom in about 3 weeks has me overjoyed. This is the longest I have ever gone without seeing her, and it is definitely taking a toll. My mom is my best friend. She is the one who has been with me through it all, never leaving my side. I cannot wait to just embrace her again. I am who I am today because of that woman. I am beyond proud to call myself her daughter.

Throwback of the week: Ellio’s Pizza! I found this little gem while roaming my local grocery store. It has been about 15 years since I last ate one of these delectable pizzas. For a long time, they were predominantly up north. Never saw them in North Carolina so it was a huge shock when I saw them sitting so wonderfully in the freezer labeled ‘new item”. That being said, I bought a few boxes and have been enjoying them for dinner. No, it is not the BEST pizza to ever exist, but for me, it represents great memories and the happiest time of my life. Eating it reminds me of what can be again.

Biggest challenge: I barely worked this week and found myself alone a lot. By far, by biggest challenge is facing loneliness. I thought I would be okay and that I was one to need alone time, but I am realizing that I am becoming someone who needs to be surrounded by love and support. I miss being in the presence (or at least close to) people who know me and my journey. I miss being around people who will understand why some of the littlest things I do are causes for great celebration. It has been extremely difficult to be by myself and face challenges alone.

Biggest victory:  In an effort to completely break free and move forward, I did a complete gutting of my closet. Any clothes that no longer serve me and my transformation are now gone. I packed them up and shipped them out, never to be seen or put on my body again. No doubt it was hard and had me questioning a lot as well as bringing my mind back to a painful time, but after it was all said and done, I felt the greatest relief. Those clothes don’t define me. I define myself now. Even though I wasn’t wearing them, those clothes were a daily reminder of where I was. My focus now is only on where I am going, and for certain, I know I am not walking backwards.

New music find: I am always looking to find new music. I have it playing even with the TV on. I keep worship music playing at all times to keep me connected and in a place of surrender to God as I face many challenges throughout the day. I will play one song on YouTube and it automatically creates a playlist for me where it plays one video after another that are all similar. This one video came on the other day that spoke to my heart, and I have found myself playing it a lot this week as I have come across great tests of faith and loneliness. Take a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2--5OvvrpGo 

I encourage all of you beautiful readers to do a little soul searching this week too. What have you learned about yourself? What have you overcome? What struggles are you facing? Who are you today that the you of last week would not recognize? Get in touch with the authenticity that this week brought you to. Step into your soul, and embrace it. I would love to hear about it all <3 In sharing with others our lives, we find that in the process, we learn even more about who we are.