Monday Motivation: Creating A Body Pledge

Every Monday, I will post something that you can do to help motivate and inspire you for hopefully not only this week, but for the rest of your days. Today's focus is on loving your body.

The body is a beautiful thing. It holds our souls, carries us to our dreams, allows us the ability to see the glory around us, hear harmonious sounds, experience the power of touch, smell the amazing scents of life, and graces us with the opportunities to love. However, it is not always easy to look at our bodies as blessings. For me, I lived in hate of what I am now learning to unconditionally love and accept. This body was my enemy. I manipulated and abused my body for control, for acceptance, and out of fear. After years of fighting it to be non-existent, I didn’t trust that it would know what to do, and I kept myself in a place of destructive comfort because of that. I was afraid to let go, but knew I had to. I realized the day that I reached the point where it was scarier to live forever where I was then than to experience a healthier body was when it was time to just take the frightening leap into the unknown.  I vowed to stop working against this beautiful creation that made it possible for me to experience life and fulfill dreams. I promised to stop treating something so cruelly that allowed me to love, to dance, to write, to travel, to pursue my passions. I committed to let my body be what my heart wanted and to stop listening to my mind that had misconstrued thoughts of how I should look.  

With that dedication to the renewal of life in my body, I made a pledge. We have this one body to take us through life and be home to our beautiful spirits. I needed mine to know that for the rest of my life, I am going to show it the love and care it deserves to experience. My pledge went as follows;

My Body Pledge

I vow to stop the negative self-talk and ignore the negative thoughts that come into my mind. Not everything I think is fact and neither are the opinions of others. What has been said about me in the past does not need to be brought into my present. I have the power to break off any unkind words said to me by others and myself.

I vow to never participate in body bashing. I do not need to pick myself apart and point out every flaw in the mirror. I vow to not criticize my reflection or my body because it does not look like someone on a magazine or what I perceive to be perfection. That does not exist.

I vow to refrain from hurting my body-depriving it of food, hurting it, not taking care of it, not allowing it time to rest, pushing away love, denying it affection. I will treat it like I would treat someone I deeply care for, with respect and love.

I vow to try and not compare my body to others. I was not born to look like the girl walking by me in the store or the woman in the movie or my sister. I was made unique and to be an individual. That is a gift.

I vow to live by my own standard of beauty and define what it means to me. The beauty within is what defines the outward attractiveness.

I vow to recognize my heart, strengths, achievements, and positive attributes. Those things are what define me. They outshine any number on a scale, size, or measurement.

I vow to laugh at my imperfections and my mistakes. I promise to forgive myself, my body, and to not get down on myself for not being perfect. I am human with flaws and who makes mistakes which is how I learn and grow.

I vow to stand up for myself and other when something hurtful is said. Every single individual deserves respect and love regardless of appearance.

I vow to not change who I am or how I act or how I look on behalf of being accepted by others. I will stay true to myself, be authentic, and live according to my own views and beliefs. I will not place my value as a person or define my character by those who do not respect my true self. It is impossible to please everyone.

I vow to start loving my body despite whatever changes it goes through, however I am feeling, however I look, whatever I am, whatever is said to me, and whatever life is throwing my way. Through the good and the bad, I will appreciate this body. I will put my focus on what it can do and what it does for me, not on what it is not. I will not wait until it is "perfect" to love it.

I vow to always thank my body and show it gratitude for not giving up, for enduring tremendous struggle, and for withstanding against all of the horrible things I put it through. I vow to be thankful for my legs for walking me through life instead of hating them for their size. To be thankful for my arms to hug the ones I love instead of how big they appear to me.

I vow to always be proud of my body and what it can do.  I vow to be confident in not only how my body looks but for what it does, to walk with my head high for the journey it has taken me down and where it has brought me today.

I vow to allow this body to take up space and embrace that, to take up the whole bed, to sprawl out on the couch, to be seen and leave a mark in this world. I will walk in a crowded room and not hide my body in shame. I will embrace the scars, the battle wounds, and see them as signs of a survivor. This body is that of a warrior. The cracks let the light within shine out.

I vow to let my body feel. To express itself according to what my heart is telling it, to be authentic in its actions. I will let it get a good belly laugh every day, to let out a cry, to yell, to smile uncontrollably.

I vow to always make my body feel wanted by myself.

I vow to allow my body to do what it loves, chase after what it dreams as well as take risks, to never hold it back from fully living and embracing all the world has to offer to experience. When I participate in something, it will be all of me engaging in it. I will let all senses be utilized to the fullest-to take advantage of all that it can do, but never take for granted what I am blessed to be able to do.

I vow to listen to my body and give it what it needs, to feed it when it growls at me, to give it something sweet when it craves it, to sleep when it is tired, to rest it when it aches. I vow to respect it and not push it beyond its limits or deny it of what it wants and needs.

I vow to let this body be in good company, surrounded by those who will accept and love it unconditionally for they see the person within it; those that will bring out the best in me and challenge me to live to the fullest, those that will lift me higher and not bring me down.

I vow to embrace my body as a work in progress and be gracious to it through each transition.

I pledge to not beat myself up when I don’t keep all of these promises because I am not perfect and will make mistakes. As long as I tried, that is what matters.

My intent for this pledge was and still is to work on focusing on the purpose of the body, not how it looks. It is about looking at a picture for the beauty of what the body in it was able to do in that moment and thankful for the experience it gave me and not about what I wish I could airbrush. It is about creating an unconditional love to provide me with an even more beautiful life. It is about being alive. I encourage you to make your own body pledge. Let it reflect what speaks to your heart.