Weekly Roundup

As promised, here is my weekly roundup!

Can’t miss TV: “Married at First Sight” keeps me intrigued. Marrying someone at the same time you meet them for the first time is quite the concept. These couples are matched up by professionals who take into account all things spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. The show follows three couples embarking on the experiment. They have six weeks to determine whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. I am not one to judge at all so if this is what people need to find love, I support it. We all are searching for love, and we all deserve it. I am all about risk taking and leaping into the unknown, but I think I would need God to audibly speak to me to do anything like this show.

On that same show, I got excited because one of the future husbands gave his soon to be wife a card and it was the same one I JUST put out at the store I work. Clearly, he has good taste :)

Food love: I cannot get enough of breakfast foods for dinner. Pancakes beyond breakfast is delightful. I like to live like there is no box in life, so I enjoy going against the normal. I have lived too long in a safe zone. Any chance I can get to be free, I take. And breakfast for dinner speaks to authentic Jenna. There is no need to deny what I want simply for the time of day. Maybe next week will be dessert for breakfast J

Fun discovery: My precious Jovie (my bluetick coonhound) was in a commercial! Well, not her specifically, but her breed is in the latest Android commercial. The dog is playing with an orangutan. I got so excited, and then just longed to be with my puppy again.

I wish that Noah killed those two mosquitoes before letting them on his Ark because it would save me a lot of itching now that I have legs and arms covered in bites this week. I love having my windows open to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather, but it is coming at a cost…But it could always be worse. I could be stuck somewhere with snow and bitter cold. Always look on the bright side of life :)

Favorite laugh this week: Will Ferrell on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” dressed as Little Debbie. After a long day, unwinding to that show was exactly what I needed. At times, good laughs are hard to come by. Unexpected ones like that make the wait so worth it.

What I miss: So I never thought I would hear these words come out of my mouth, but I really miss southern accents. I miss people not saying my name correctly, not knowing if someone wants a pin or a pen, all the ‘y’alls’, and all the little sayings that really make no sense. Bless all their hearts :) 

Throwback of the week: Going through some things in my closet, I stumbled across a little wooden box. Opening it up, I found my sixth grade relationship; movie tickets from our dates, emails he sent me, a Valentine he gave me which was when I first knew he liked me (it had more candy in it than all the other ones), a picture of him, a popsicle stick with his name on it we used in class, and a card he gave me with flowers when I was in the hospital. I love those memories and the stories that go along with them. It was fun to look back. Regardless of it not working (remember I was 12 so the odds were against me), it was still a memorable time in my life. It was the first time I felt seen by someone. That moment is what I will remember forever.

Biggest challenge: This week brought a lot of challenges upon me that I feared ever happening. Any comfort I had left was obliterated. I looked at my biggest fears head on, and it petrified me. Changes upon changes surrounded me; changes that I used to avoid through destructive behaviors. Initially, it was completely overwhelming and still is a bit daunting to think about now, but I know that one day, I am going to look back on this week and use it for good. I know that I am going through all of this to build bridges for others to cross in a similar situation. There is a greater purpose for this pain. I just need to not lose sight of that in the darkest moments. No change is comfortable, but without it, there would be no butterflies. And I have no intention of never flying and using these beautiful wings.

I took a fun quiz about what Disney Princess would be my wing woman. I got Ariel. Why? It said; "If you were eyeing a hottie at the bar, she’d do whatever it took to make them ~part of your world~. Plus, no matter what happens, the two of you would throw down at karaoke like no other." I loved this answer since my very best friend who is no longer alive was in my phone as The Little Mermaid. It made me imagine with a smile what it would have been like had her and I gone out together looking for guys.

New music find: I am OBSESSED with the song by Elevation Worship. I don’t even know how I stumbled across it, but it was definitely God’s doing. Monday night, this song kept me up until 4 am. I found myself in a deep place of prayer. For what seemed like hours with that song on repeat, it was just God and me connected. I was overcome with such peace. All fears were gone. All anxiety seized. For that time, I was free and safe and all I could feel was God’s arms holding me close. Here is the link if you would like to listen.