Monday Motivation: Leap


You ask for my advice and that is the word I will give you. Leap into the unknown. Leap into fears, into dreams, into doubts, into hesitations, into passions. You can choose to stay away. You can choose to just look at things from afar. You can choose to move backwards into the opposite direction. You can choose to be controlled by what scares you. You can choose to let life be lived for you. Or you can choose to dive directly into the future. You can choose to no longer be defined by your limitations, your thoughts, your body. you can choose to be catapulted into your destiny.

Leap into blind faith. You will not always see what is waiting for you. you will not always know if you are going to fall or fly. You will not always know if it is going to be all that you imagined. But you will not have to forever live with a “what if”. You will not have to wonder forever what could have been. You will not have to suffer any longer in the regret.

I cannot guarantee you are going to soar with each leap. I cannot guarantee you will not struggle, you will not stumble, you will not be faced with more trials. But I can guarantee that in the leaping, you will be set free. In the leaping, you will find yourself and your strength.

So leap.

Leap into every fantasy you have ever created for yourself. No matter how crazy it may sound, how scary it may feel, how daunting the task may seem, leap with the faith that you are going to succeed.

Leap into joy. Let yourself be swept away in complete bliss. Let yourself be swallowed by the beauty that comes with living in happiness; happiness that does not waiver or hinders on the circumstance of the day. Leap into choosing to live in a constant state of blessed for you ARE. You are breathing. You have life. You have possibilities.

Leap into you. Let yourself be authentic. Leap into the ability to use your voice, to be heard, to be seen. Leap into visibility. Take up space. Refuse to hide. Refuse to be silenced. Refuse to sit back as others live life for you. All of your passions, your loves, your goals, your values, own them and leap into embodying them all. Leap into your true colors. Leap into being the rainbow that you are. Leap into allowing your wings to by seen, to be experienced, to be a source of hope for others. Leap into the beauty that you have been created to be.

Leap into being imperfectly perfect. Every single flaw, every single blemish, every single mistake, leap into owning so that you learn to grow. Wear your freckles, your wrinkles, your scars with pride. They are you, and there is nothing shameful about them. Leap into grace as you make stumble. It is okay to not succeed at everything. It is okay to have faults. You are human. You are forgiven.

Leap into risks. Do not tread lightly around what you refuse to confront. Go head first into it, face it, feel it, and be empowered by it. No more tiptoeing around fears. No more wishing for things to happen. No more “if onlys”. Leap into what you want to be in this very moment. Negate the thoughts of unworthiness, of trepidation, of anxiety that have you trapped. Leap into feeling the fear, but doing it anyway. Leap out of complacency and into a life fulfilled.

Leap into ridding your life of negativity, of shame, of what weighs you down. Leap into banishing from your life what broke you, what limits you, what holds you back from living. Stop letting words control you. Stop letting people dictate your worth. Stop letting toxicity hinder your ability to see the world in the beauty it is. Stop surrounding yourself by darkness when you, a beautiful light, were made to shine. Leap far away from anything, any feeling, any words that want to aid in your extinguishing.

Leap away from unworthiness, from feeling not good “enough”. Who determined what enough is? Drop that word. You were born only to be you with your own heart, mind, and body, and that will always far surpass any definition of enough. Leap away from expectations.  Leap away from the standards of beauty. Leap away from the fear of imperfection. Leap away from the world telling you what is ideal. Leap into what makes you happy, what you were created to be, what is YOU. Stop the comparison.

Leap into owning your beauty.


Leap out of criticism. Stop the scrutiny every time you see your reflection. Refrain from the words of hate you speak upon yourself. Let the negative thoughts be ignored that are trying to push you into non existence. Stop the lies you tell yourself that you are unworthy of living, of embracing who you are, of having a place on this earth. Leap into lifting yourself up. You do not deserve to shrink. You did nothing to warrant self inflicted punishment. I am here to tell you that this world needs you. I need you. I need your light with mine to make this world brighter.

Please leap you radiant being.

Leap into who you are with boldness, with courage, and without a care of what others think. Leap into individuality. Leap into your heart. Stop stepping into the identity of a body when you are a spirit. You are a soul. You are what lies within. Leap into the person under the skin that is yearning to be expressed.  

Leap into living. No more just existing. No more settling. No more getting by. Completely immerse yourself in what it means to be alive. Feel the wind on your face. Feel the sand between your toes. Feel the rain on your skin. Smell. See. Hear. Allow your senses to just be overcome with all that surrounds you. Be a part of the world. It wants to meet you.

Leap into feeling. Let the tears rush down your face. Let your scream be heard. Let your laugh have you on the floor with your belly in pain. Let your smile go from ear to ear. Don’t hold back. Don’t suppress. If it is there, let it out to the fullest capacity.

Leap into love. Be love. Live love. Feel love. Give love. Open your heart to the beauty that is letting others in and being let in. Let people surround you with affection. Let yourself be drowned in adoration. Leap into the vulnerability of what that means; potential heartbreak or loss. But also leap into the potential of what that means; companionship, an unconditional love, a never-ending supporter. Most importantly, leap into the love you give yourself. Leap into telling yourself every day the love you feel for the person you are. That person inside needs to hear that. That person needs to know you are going to protect it. That person needs to know it has you forever to protect it, to care for it, to see it, to rescue it.

So go save yourself you fighter.

Leap into owning the title of hero for that is what you must be to yourself. Let go of the victim title, and save yourself. Leap into the strength you have within to overcome. Leap into fighting with both hands up for your dreams, for the life you deserve, for the person within anxiously awaiting to be introduced to the world. No battle is too hard, no dragon too big, no storm too large that you, a mighty warrior, can not win, slay, or survive. Leap into knowing that it is already in you to claim victory.

There is more waiting for you to see, to experience, to live. There is more to life than the comfort zone you are living in that has your wings trapped. There is more of you to come into being.

So leap.

You are going to fly.