Motivation Monday: The Power of Change

Change. We run from it. We hide from it. We dread it. We are petrified by it.

We say we fear change because we only focus on the bad it has the potential to cause. We stop being able to see the good change has brought us. We blind ourselves to the positive, the beautiful, the remarkable it brings us. Change keeps us alive. Change gives us friends. Change gives us love. Yes it can be scary but it is worth the risk because it can bring beauty. Do not focus on the bad it could bring. Stop being the pessimist. Be the optimist in life and choose to focus on the good it has the potential to hand you.

I think of where I am today because of change and by gosh it is magnificent. If I let fear of change paralyze me, I would never be where I stand today. I would be dead. I would be in hate. I would be in pain. I would be alone. Would I really have risked this life because of fear? Because of fear that I was creating? Because of fear that only existed because I gave change that much power over me? If I inhibited change, I would have only prolonged my suffering, denied my heart, and kept myself in shackles.

Even if the change doesn’t bring all good, it is still there to transform me and lead me to my destiny. It is still there to make me who I am meant to be in fullness and authenticity. To deny change is to deny myself the right to become my true self.

Start to love the idea of change. It isn’t meant to be feared. There is nothing about it that is scary. It is thrilling and exciting and part of the journey to your dreams. You want your dreams to be fulfilled? Then is it time to start embracing change because that is the only way to make it happen. Nothing is going to happen within you or for you if things stay forever stagnant. If you are trapped where you are and unhappy, you are not going to get out of the prison if you don’t change. You need change to free yourself.

 If you keep fearing it, you will never get out of the place you are in now. Is the threat of that less than the fear of change? I transformed because I was more afraid of living forever in pain than I was of facing change. That is when the breakthrough happens. And you can experience that right now by deciding that you are going to have more faith in change than you will have fear of it.

You want to stay where you are? You want to continue to loathe your life? You want to continue to be shackled in hopelessness? Then sit in fear. It is your choice. You determine where you are and who you are. And those things hinder on your willingness to change, your faith in the process. If you aren’t willing to risk everything for the chance at a better tomorrow through transforming, then you are not going to ever move from the pain you are finding yourself in. Change is your life raft. It is going to stop you from drowning.

I blocked my body from changing for years. I sat and complained about not being able to fulfill my dreams and do all these things only a restored body could do. I griped about the stagnancy of my life. I got mad at the world for not opening doors for me that I knew could only be opened with a body of health. I wanted all the benefits of being in a healthy body without having to undergo the process of change which petrified me. I allowed the fear of letting my body transform keep me in that place of defeat. I would grumble about the unhappiness I found myself in because of my reluctance but never did anything about it.

The harsh reality I had to admit to myself and humble myself with was that I, ME, JENNA, was the cause of my frustration. It was my own doing that I wasn’t moving forward. I had the strength and courage within to do it. I know I did. But I let the fear cloud all of that. I was choosing to stand in my own way. It was safer to stay in a place of unhappiness and familiarity than to venture into a life of health that I was not sure what it looked like.

I knew change would be uncomfortable and painful ,and I let that dictate my choices. I kept giving excuses for delaying change, but I would complain about being trapped. It was my fault. I had to do something about it if I wanted to be living the life I am now. I had to stop whining and griping about something that was in MY control to change. I had to focus on the positive that would come from the growth and stop fixating on the negative that would come. Yes I would gain weight but in that process I would also gain relationships, memories, peace, love, hope, laughter, joy, spontaneity, life, and the ability to be all that God designed for me in His perfect image. How beautiful are those things?!?!?

When I look at that list, it brings tears to my eyes knowing that I could have passed all of those things up because of my fear of the discomfort that would ALWAYS pass. I was going to make a permanent decision for my future based off of a temporary fear that only existed because of my mind creating it. It had no real merit.

I had to stop putting the blame on the fear when I had the bravery to fight it. I had the faith to overcome. I had the power to transform. I created that fear so I could without a doubt destroy it too. But to do that, I had to take the risk. I had to face the fear and do what it was that scared me over and over and over again. That meant allowing my body to enter into unknown territory, doing something every day that will allow my body to move towards restoration, and not acting on the discomfort but sitting with it.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. It is the simplest way to put it. If you want different, you need to be willing to transform. Take the chance. Don’t limit yourself because it could go wrong. Focus on the 50% chance it could go RIGHT. And even if it doesn’t end up how you imagined, I can guarantee in some roundabout way, it is going to bring you to your ultimate goal in time. It may show you that plan A isn’t always going to work, and remind you that our first plan isn’t the only way to get there. Plans falling apart shows us that there is more than one way to our dreams and forces us to get creative. Difficult changes are there to strengthen our faith. They aren’t there to defeat us.

You are holding yourself back from change based off of past experiences that you perceived as negative because that is how you chose to look at it. The outcome of situations is all dependent on how we decide to see it. There can be a glimmer of hope even in the darkest of situations. Just because from the outside something looks bad, it does not mean that underneath the surface it does not have good within. If we choose to find that good, we can see that in every change there is beauty, and that beauty is worth taking the risk and facing the fear. Do not base every decision in your life off of one or two or even a handful of hard times. Do not close yourself off to what can be because you have seen doors close repeatedly for you. Ever stop to think that maybe those doors closing were all part of a greater plan to direct you to the door meant for a brighter future? Ever stop to think that maybe every hard change that didn’t end how you imagined was designed to get you to where you are destined to be, to strengthen you to handle what is to come, to help you build a bridge so that others can one day walk across it, to redirect you to people and places and things that were meant to be a beautiful part of your future? Everything has a purpose. Every change is meant to direct you to your dreams. Every change you block is every step you take further from your destiny.

My wish for you is that your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. Do not stay where you are because you are scared to change. Move forward because of the hope in what will be as you allow transformation to wash over you. The waves of change will point you to your true direction. I promise you it will all be worth it. Trust.

Hope, love, and bravery, J.L.