Transformation Tuesday: Time To Bloom

There is something about this time of year that fills me with such joy and hope. This is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it-the warmer weather, the cute clothes made for this season, the flowers and trees in bloom, no trace of snow. Everything in general looks brighter. The clouds appear whiter and puffier. The sun’s shine is more powerful and radiant. Spring breathes life into the earth.

Perhaps the greatest thing about spring is that it represents a time of change, of new beginnings, or fresh starts. Animals are being born. Flowers get another chance to see the light. Trees see life again and come into their full beauty. Rivers once again flow freely. Everything starts a new journey so it is only fitting we do the same.

I like to think of spring time as my beginning of the year. The bleak and dreary January, to me, doesn’t represent new beginnings. Spring represents my time to come into myself, to come out of my hiding place just like the flowers are peeking out of the ground. It awakens my soul. Just like the buds are blooming, so is my mind. It is opening itself up to change and new opportunities.

My last blog, I talked about the power of change. I have a lot of them in my life right now, and with each passing day, I see and sense more to come. Every day is a new change and more growth just like in this season. I wake up every day and take a walk to find the trees fuller, the grass greener, more flowers surrounding me, more plant growth everywhere. The same can be said for me. I wake up, look in the mirror and every day see a new reflection. I see a stronger, more confidant, more hopeful person. I see someone more full of life and growing in her spirit. I am making changes throughout the day to make that new image staring back at me possible. I care for myself and adjust my lifestyle to allow for growth and transitions. I am working hard, harder than ever before in my recovery, to make my life all that I know it can be so that when my personal summer comes, when all is in full bloom, I can sit back and enjoy what all my dedication has produced.

With this constant change though comes more responsibility. The more the earth is nourished, the greater it flourishes just like me. That means it needs more care, needs more attention, and needs greater upkeep. The grass needs to be mowed. The bushes need to be trimmed. The weeds need to be pulled. I need to make sure to keep up with all that is changing so it does not become overgrown on cluttered with the bad. I need to do a cleaning of my mind and life to make it conducive to positive growth and have room to embrace all the new. I need to have space to welcome in all the good and not let the old shrubs and dead plants inhibit progress. I can no longer let them destroy the beauty I know can exist within me and my life.

What is important to remember with spring, just like in life, is that it is unpredictable. We will have warm days, cold days, ups, downs, times of no growth and moments of extreme growth. You will have periods of rain, sometimes those showers or storms being completely unexpected. But we must learn to appreciate them. It is that water that is producing the beauty all around. It is what the plants need for strength and growth as do we. Those storms in life are what help us develop and mature into all that we are meant to be. They are tests to see what we can withstand. They are lessons to show us where we still need to strengthen ourselves. The rain will always pass. It cannot storm forever we must remember. We need to ride it out and have patience that beauty will come from it; a rainbow will appear, new flowers will bloom. You will get to see the true cycle of life in all things.

Change is always needed and encouraged, but if you were waiting for the optimum time to do it, it is now. Your environment is promoting it. It is empowering you and leading by example. The strength you need to be free and renew yourself is being breathed into you right now through the arrival of this new season. The world is giving you permission to have a fresh start. Take it.

Everything in life still may not be perfect, but don’t let that hinder you from making a change. You possess the bravery to take a risk just like those flowers that appeared even when snow was still on the ground. You are capable of blooming in adversity just like the lone flower that’s seed was blown into a field of weeds and sprouted, bringing hope and color and beauty to the bleakness.

Now, this very moment, is the time to bloom into yourself and become all that you have been designed to be. Come out and direct yourself towards the sun. Let the light of life help you grow and bloom into a you no longer held back by the pressure of the dirt or the cold of the air hindering you. When I released from myself the pressures I, other people, and the anorexia put on myself to be a certain way, I was opening myself up for change. When I surrounded myself with the warmth of love and acceptance and support instead of the icy self-hatred and anxiety and fear, I was able to welcome in continual growth. You are capable of doing the same. You possess everything you need to bloom into a new life of happiness. You need to be willing to leave behind the old and embrace the new. Come bloom into the beauty of life.