My Thoughts on Before and After Photos

Before and after pictures; they evoke very different reactions and opinions. I found the voices from the side of those who claim they are not beneficial creeping into my mind evoking fear and worry about posting such a photo. How did I let that happen?! Since when did I rest my transformation journey on the opinions of someone else? There is a very specific reason why I share such photos and it has nothing to do with my body or glorification of the disorder.

In this video I wanted to share my heart behind a before and after picture I will be posting soon. These photos for me are about honoring the journey. Yes, there will be a noticeable change in appearance between the two, but that is not the point. What I want people to see is what it took for the broken girl to become whole. My hope is that anyone who looks at the image sees in-between the two photos. That is where the magic happened. That is where the transformation took place. That is where God poured out His grace and love.

I will share the photo soon, but I wanted this video to precede its release. I wanted to share my heart first. I trust you all with it.