Speak, Even If Your Voice Is Shaking

For a month I have been longing to say something but no words have been able to be released onto the page. I knew there was so much I had to speak. I knew there was so much the world needed to hear. I knew God needed the journey of the past thirty days to be heard. So it made no sense that nothing was coming when I sat in front of my computer. I was getting frustrated and the weight of memories needing to be released was weighing heavy on me. There was only one option to get it out; make a video. Something two years in the making. It is not perfect and one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done, but it is exactly how God designed it to turn out.

With this, I am completely putting myself vulnerably and authentically out there for all to see. I thought I would have a lot more fear about it, but right now I am actually pretty at peace. I trust all of you who read my blog with my story so I trust you with this side of me as well.