Losing the Crutch

Day 5 of my 21 day challenge to not look at myself was conquered! I am learning to celebrate all the victories along the way as I am able to run freely towards life and see this challenge as the greatest blessing in disguise God could have given me in this season of my life.

A few things to celebrate in this video:

1.) I did this video WITHOUT crying. WHAT?!?! Crying is not bad in the least bit. As you can see, I do it quite frequently. But some days you need a little breather and rejoice in all you have overcome. The reprieve was nice.

2.) This video was my FIRST take!!!!

3.) Last night was 100x better than the previous night. That called for a dance party! (One day I may just put one of those in a video).

4.) I am discovering how fast you can run through life without a crutch holding you back, and I am falling in love where I am headed.