A Question for Which I Don't Have An Answer

Day 12 of my 21 day challenge to not look at myself found me in a place of great vulnerability. This video today touches on a very personal topic I have only shared with a select few people. I touch on the topic of body acceptance and ask one question; how do you accept the flaws that were made by the choices of who you longer are?

The video ends with the question asked still without an answer. I am on a journey to uncover the solution, but I wanted to expose the process. I needed to put in the light what tries to stay hidden in the dark to thrive. I needed to release what no longer needs to be mine to carry.

I have not watched this video. I recorded it and let it go. It gets very real and extremely honest. I was afraid if I watched it then I would rethink sharing it. I talk about the one thing in this journey I kept hidden, so to release it is a huge leap. It is the closing of a chapter and that is bittersweet.