Today Would Be a Lovely Day to be a Butterfly

Butterfly Day came! This day is far better than my birthday. The day was far too good to only get one video so you get TWO! One I recorded in the morning after waking up realizing God truly did give me my wings. The other I recorded after the beautiful business of the day ended, and I had some time to just reflect and feel and take in all the miraculous moments of this journey.

I am humbled, still somewhat speechless, grateful, and so overjoyed by the past three weeks and the past seventeen and a half years. Every single moment of it had a purpose. Every trial and fire and heartache was used for the good. Nothing was left wasted. I get to now take what was made through the pain and use it to fulfill the calling placed over my life. To think this is my life now leaves me in tears.

I have no idea where I am going next. I have no clue where my wings will take me. But I am okay with that unknown. I will keep saying yes, grab onto God, and let Him lead me wherever He goes. I trust Him. Look at where He has brought me already, and He has let me know this is only the beginning...

Part 2!