The Butterfly Weekend

A little recap of my weekend! The wings are here. They really came. I woke up Saturday still in disbelief that this is my life. It seems a bit surreal. When you dream of a day for years and years that you come to slowly accept will stay just that, a fantasy that you will claim as yours, it is a bit joyfully overwhelming when you realize it has become reality.

The weekend was dedicated to everything butterfly. I would let nothing hold me back from getting to test out what it felt like to fly. I did not want to spend one second on the ground. I took off, and I flew high. Life looks a lot brighter from the sky. It is rather incredible actually how different I view life from above and how my new perspective has changed everything. I seek joy and love and life. I seek new adventures and challenges. I seek growth and change. I cannot seem to get enough life in me, but that is the best kind of hunger to have.

On Saturday I did something HUGE in my journey, and I am beyond excited to get to share it today. This life is getting really good. Why did I not do this sooner?!?!