Because of My Yes

Day 16 is finished! This video is the calm before the storm. It is the quiet side of the day. It was shot prior to the rain clouds moving in. That video will be released a bit later this week. I just need some time to feel the hurricane of emotions that transpired as a result of the day. But today, you get a video of me just giving an update on this crazy journey and just what I am realizing through each passing day. I am seeing my yes held a lot more weight than I initially thought.

Someone in my life once offered me a life altering question: How many yeses are in one yes to God? Or to put it another way, how many apple trees are in one apple seed? When I said yes to this challenge, I was given far more than I could have ever imagined. My one yes has sparked a lifetime of yeses. My one yes is now putting in my hands the last puzzle piece of this journey.

What would my life look like right now had I never said yes...?