How Did I Get Here?

Day 21 is here. How did I get here exactly? The question I keep asking myself for which there is no explanation. I know when I said yes to the challenge but how many yeses did I say before to get to this one? I took a leap with the hope I would fly, and that hope kept me going in the darkest days.

Tomorrow closes out the journey, and I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty of what has happened from my yes to a very great unknown. Transparently in this video I share my heart and my soul as I prepare for my wings. I wanted to do some reflecting on all that has happened and all that is to come.

I also answer the question everyone is asking; when this is all over am I going to go straight to the mirror and look at myself? My response may surprise you...

Here is the mirror that saw its end on that life changing day. What once I let broke me, I allowed myself to break it. It has no power unless I hand over mine.