86, 400 Chances

It is so important to make the most of our days, to make every second count. Think of it this way; You have a bank account. It credits you $86,400 every morning. This amount does not carry over from day to day. Whatever amount you did not chose to use that day gets deleted every night. Of course, you are going to draw out every cent every day. It would be silly not to. We all have a bank account like this. It is called Time. Every day you are credited 86,400 seconds to do with it as you wish. Every night it writes off what was lost by calculating whatever amount of that time you failed to use for a good purpose. Just like the bank account, it carries over no balance. This time can't be added into the next day. It is gone forever at the end of the day. Then every morning you get a new set of seconds to spend. Just like you would do with the bank account, you need to spend every second of the day. You must live in the present on today's deposit. Invest it and spend it in a way that you will get the most happiness, success, love, and health that can be offered. Use it in a way that will allow you to grow and come into your true self. At this moment, your time account is dwindling. Make the most of the day.


Jenna LairdComment