A Lifetime of Nows

Live in the present. The past is over and never to come back. The future isn’t promised. We are only given this moment right now. Right now, you are the youngest and the oldest you will ever be again. Treasure every second. Delight in every breath. Take in all your surroundings and fully engage in the beauty of life. Do not dwell of the what ifs or the could haves or the should haves. Focus on what can be right now and make it happen. If you learn to fully embrace this moment and live it to the fullest, you will be creating a past that needs no regrets or sadness and a future with no fear and want to be excited to approach. If you want to make a change, the time is now. There is no better time. There will never be a more “perfect” moment so take advantage of this one and change your life. Take this very moment to tell people you love them, to give support, to give a smile. Don’t wait until tomorrow thinking it will be here because for you or for them, it might not. Take advantage of every second you have.


Jenna LairdComment