A Thousand Things to Love

It is so easy in times of hardship and struggle to curse everything, to see all the bad. One thing happens and all of a sudden, we do not like the day. We suddenly hate the sun for being too hot that we were just praising for shining. We are mad at the radio for not playing a song we like after rocking out to a tune just minutes ago. One bad thing or even multiple things does not have to control you. In that moment, there are still a thousand things you can love. You can fight the struggle and overcome the battle with love, with appreciation, with gratitude for what the moment IS blessing you with instead of what it is trying to take away. Every time I want to turn my bad moment into a catastrophe with the spiraling of negativity of my thoughts, I pause and reflect on what is beautiful in that moment. I stop, take a breath, step back from the situation, and look all around me. Feel free to get angry in the moment and feel all the emotions, but don’t forget that with bad, there is always a thousand good things. It is your perspective. It is about what you choose to look at. It is what you allow your eyes to see and your heart to feel. Remember at any given moment there are a thousand things to love.


Jenna LairdComment