A Worth Waiting Within

Stop looking to the external for your worth. You will not find it in a reflection. A mirror will not tell it to you. The words of others will not define it for you. Your mind, when encompassed in pain and defeating thoughts, will not tell you your true value. It hides the truth that could set you free.

Silence the mind. Close your eyes. Walk away from the mirror. Shut your ears off to the opinions of others. In the stillness, listen to that small voice. A whisper it will be.

It is always speaking to you. It is always making itself known. A moment of peace. A time of joy. A smile. A laugh. A surge of hope. An act of bravery. Your worth is within.

It is compiled of all the things that keep your heart beating and your soul thriving. It is found in the essence of your being before pain touched you or darkness found you or scars came upon you. It rests in the sacred part of you that is your home, the place you retreat when you feel lost and scared, your inner safe haven nobody can destroy.

Go find it. Your worth is waiting for you to uncover it, step into it, and own it. It has big plans for the two of you.


Jenna LairdComment