All The Little Things

Happiness is not one big thing. It’s all the little things put together.

Enjoy the little moments of life. So often we wait for this big event to make us happy. We wait for a monumental change to shift our mood; a move, going to college, a new job, a relationship, summer, a vacation, etc. We think that this one big moment is what will truly make us blissful. But life is about more than that. Our happiness is made up of all the little moments in life, the quick seconds of something magical, the minute of pure joy, the time spent when you are in peace. It is that deep belly laugh you get from watching your favorite TV show. It is that smile that comes on your face when your favorite song comes on the radio. It is the joy that arises in your heart when you see a butterfly land by you or a rainbow after a storm. It is the moment of calm you get from a hug or a look of love from someone you adore. Those little moments are what makes up happiness. Never overlook those while waiting for the big occasion to come. You can have that happiness you are expecting with a big change every day if you open your heart and eyes to what surrounds you all the time.


Jenna LairdComment