An Opportunity To Try Again

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.
— Henry Ford

Failure is never final. In your struggles, you are experiencing life. Failure is a gift, the way I see it; helping strengthen us and teach us. It sets you up for a breakthrough. If you learn the lesson of failure and continue to try your best, the rewards will come in the fulfillment of knowing you are making the most of everyday given to you. The only shame in failing is if you don’t use the motivation to try harder. The saying goes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And in my experience, it truly has. Failing reminds us we have room to grow. When climbing the mountain of life, it is inevitable to slip and face challenges along the way. There will be blocked paths. There will be ditches and darkness. But the tougher the climb, the better the view at the top. You will find open paths, alternate routes, spots of light and smooth plains. The sweeter the triumph will be once you pull yourself up to the top after a long, hard struggle. When you put your whole heart into achieving a goal and you go through the great pain and suffering along the way, the feeling of achievement once you break through is so incredible that you build on it. You will want to seek even higher levels of fulfillment, search for higher mountains to climb. The knowledge of what you had overcome makes you more confident when faced with another struggle. Keep going. It will all be worth it one day.


Jenna LairdComment