Be A Lighthouse

So often we strive to be lifeboats. We want to rescue those struggling. We want to see people happy and fully living the life we hope for them. But the truth is, we cannot save people. That feat always has to come from them. It is an inside job. It is the only way it will sustain itself.

However, we can be lighthouses. We can help people find their way to shore by guiding them through example. We can shine our own light unapologetically and courageously into their darkness to provide a ray of hope. We can share our scars and our stories to help prevent others from hitting the same rocks we did. We can always keep ourselves lit for others to see as a sign peace is not that far away. We can stand strong when the weather gets rough as a constant support. By simply being us, always authentic and transparent, we can help direct people to freedom.

Be the light today. Cast out the darkness.


Jenna LairdComment