Be More

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. You never know who would love the person you hide.

So often, we are told we are “more” valuable by being less. We get more attention taking up less space, speaking up less, making less waves. We are more desirable at a lesser size. We will be more beautiful or more accepted as less. But that isn’t truth. In my experience, the less I became physically, the less I was accepted. I was seen less, heard less, taken less seriously, trusted less. I had less friends, less relationships, less dreams, less hope, less faith. I had less love, less happiness, less beautiful memories, less moments in life to treasure and hold dear, less positivity. The only thing I had more of was self hate, a growing amount of low self esteem that left me empty. The less I became, the more I came to fear having a place in this vast world and making a mark with my presence. So I encourage you to please be MORE. Please be more open, more loud, more honest, more kind, more adventurous, more passionate, more hopeful, more committed, more exposed to love. Be more authentic, more you, more daring. Be more ANYTHING! And whoever tells you that you have “more” value by being less, be more resilient and let those words be unheard. You are not defined by negative space.


Jenna LairdComment