Be Thankful

When life is sweet say thank you and celebrate. When life is better say thank you and grow.

Live in gratitude. Life is a beautiful gift. It is a blessing. Every moment we are given is a present by God whether they are with or without struggle. We have been given the opportunity to be a part of this world and make a difference. We have been given the chance to be all we wish and do all we dream. For that, we should be eternally grateful. If we choose to be thankful, we will find our lives filled with intense joy and happiness. With that, the hurts and disappointments won’t weigh us down as much. With our energy focused on celebrating the gift of life, there will be none left to dwell on what may not be going as we imagined. Be grateful for the people who have hurt you for they taught you what you do not want to be. They showed you your ability to overcome and persevere through challenges. Show graciousness to the rain in life for it produces the rainbow. It teaches us to appreciate the beauty and treasure it more. Be thankful for the scars for they are proof that you have survived. Be thankful for your quirks and flaws for they make you unique and bring beauty to this world that nobody else can. Be thankful for the mistakes, the unsuccessful attempts for they taught you, grew you, and made you one step closer to the way that will work.


Jenna LairdComment