Be The Mother You Wanted

How would you nurture her if you were the mother of little you?

This one hits home tremendously for me. We tend to beat up, mock, ridicule, demean, and treat ourselves with little respect. We fill our minds with negative thoughts. We stand in front of the mirror and scrutinize every inch of ourselves. We internalize every word people speak to us and make it our truth. We deprive ourselves of what we love, what we dream, what we wish for based off of our mistakes, our flaws, our faults, our fears. It helped me tremendously in my recovery to approach everything I did as if I was the mother to my young self. Would I speak to my daughter this way? Would I scold her for taking care of herself? Would I take away her favorite food because she didn't do something? Would I tell her she HAD to be perfect to earn a meal? Would I tell her that she was ugly? I would nurture and spoil and love and fill that little girl's mind with beautiful thoughts. I would encourage her to follow her dreams and never give up. I would tell her to listen to her heart and do what it says. I would tell her every morning as she stands in the mirror what a gift she is to this world. I would tell her eating is not optional, that she doesn't need to perform certain tasks to gain love, that she is safe without the compulsions. That is what we have to do with ourselves. I know it can be a hard task if you never had that type of example from your own mother growing up. Quite often we give ourselves what others have given us which is how our own self hate began. But today is the day to be the mother to yourself you always wanted and treat yourself as the precious being you are.


Jenna LairdComment