Beauty in the Brokenness

It is so easy to believe because of the things that have happened to us, the mistakes we have made, the scars we have, we are no longer of purpose or have worth. We feel because we have been broken by circumstances in life that we have lost our ability to be of use to the world. But that is not right. As a child, I had a bin of broken crayons. I used these crayons more than my new ones still in the box. These crayons still colored. They still could make a beautiful picture. They still had a purpose. The pristine crayons did not entice me. They seemed too perfect to be used. And never having gone through the coloring process, how would I know what they could offer or what type of job they could do? The broken crayons are living out their purpose and are experiencing their potential. I knew what they could offer. Regardless of how damaged they were or who broke them, I still loved them for what they could do, not for what they looked like. The brokenness didn’t destroy the purpose of the crayon. It didn’t take away from why it was created. People are like those broken crayons. You may feel destroyed, but that doesn’t mean it is your end. You still have a purpose, and you still are beautiful. You still bring color into this world.


Jenna LairdComment