Blessings In Disguise

Healing and being able to fully embrace recovery will come when you recognize that all the inevitable struggles and failures are blessings in disguise. When you approach the process without the need to make it perfect, your mind will open to the concept that you can do it and dedicate yourself to doing it. The mind will finally catch up to what your heart knew you wanted all along. Without the trying moments, you would never be able to test your strength and apply all you have learned. The moments of difficulty are when you come across the greatest truths and discoveries; those are the times of ultimate breakthrough. You just need to get through it first before you can witness the progress or feel the benefits. The struggles make you wiser, stronger, more capable of handling the ever changing life. You grow with each setback. They make you appreciate how much you have overcome that much more. The time of struggle is my preparation for many years of blessings. The struggle is great, but it will make the triumph that much more glorious. For me, holding onto all of these realizations of what a true blessing the struggles can give, I am learning to stop fearing the future and dreading what other hardships may come my way. I know that whatever happens, I will gain something from it. I am comforted in the fact that I know from experience that in time, good will come from the struggle.


Jenna LairdComment