Remember as you move forward with your dreams, move mountains, spread your wings, take steps towards your goals to celebrate EVERY moment. You got out of bed today? Rejoice in it. You tried a new food? Jump around in excitement about it. You stopped weighing yourself? You stopped criticizing yourself? You ended a bad relationship? Fully immerse yourself in the beauty of what you just accomplished. EVERYTHING you do to keep you progressing (whether perfectly done or with a few or many slips) needs to be celebrated as if it is a special holiday. Because it is! It is a holiday to mark a new beginning, a new journey unfolding in your life. Do not let any party crashers come and ruin it. Keep out those who will want to take away the joy or ruin the fun by focusing on the past, by telling you what you still did wrong, by trying to bring you back down. Keep people at your celebration who are going to delight in the success and cheer as you start to fly. Be proud of what you do today. Buy yourself balloons to mark the beautiful moments of surrender to what is meant to be. Throw confetti to celebrate the start of a life of endless hope. You deserve it!


Jenna LairdComment