Creating With the Heart

It is a journey to create ( I like create over discover) who you are. It is so easy in the struggles in life, the expectations of society and people in our life, the pressure we put on ourselves to lose who we are. The anorexia stripped my identity from me. I could no longer recognize who I was. I was doing things that were not of my heart, were not of my authentic self. I became someone that scared me, that I hated, and thus, it was easy to punish myself and deny myself food. But today, through healing and experiences leading me towards life, I am discovering authentic me and feeling blissful with what I find. It develops more a bit every day. I know more about me today than yesterday and tomorrow I will know more. As I live by my heart, more of me is discovered and is someone I love. It is possible for everyone. I have lived in self hate where I avoided all mirrors, did everything in the dark to avoid myself, and cried at the mere mention of my name for what it represent. Today, the hate is morphing into complete, unconditional love. There is hope.


Jenna LairdComment