Decide Right Now

In this moment, this minute, decide to accept yourself unconditionally. Do not worry about what to feel tomorrow or in a year. Do not overwhelm yourself with a lofty goal of doing something forever. Decide that for right now, you are going to love who you are whether you make a mistake or have flaws, regardless or your past. Regardless of your body, the freckles on your face, you are going to accept all of you. In this minute, decide that you are worthy of your unconditional love. Then, when this 60 seconds pass, decide with the next blessed minute you are given to do the same, to once again show yourself love with no borders, no conditions, no restrictions. Just stay in this minute. You only have to commit to these seconds. Set the seemingly small, but very lofty for those who struggle with self worth, goal every minute. Live in the moment. Focus on what you can do now. Self love is a process. It is something to foster and let grow. We learned how to hate ourselves so we must learn how to love ourselves. We can do that by practicing it every minute, one minute at a time. So I encourage you right now to accept your beautiful heart, body, mind, and soul in this minute. It is the best gift you can give to yourself.


Jenna LairdComment