Every Second is a Second Chance

So often we wait for the sunrise to mark a new day, another chance to change. We wait a whole 24 hours to redirect our lives towards our dreams. We sit twiddling our thumbs waiting for the sun to rise before we can turn ourselves around and find happiness. I don’t believe in that theory, in that mentality. I believe you can start over at any point during the day regardless of time or how far in the hole you feel you are. I do not believe you are ever past the point of being able to turn things around. I don’t believe there is a certain time that signifies being given a second chance. Every second is a chance at a second chance, a chance at a great life. Made a mistake just now? Well since reading that sentence, you have just been given an opportunity to make the day better. And since reading that sentence, another. It is never too late to begin again, to create for yourself a fresh start. Stop waiting for the time to be right to make it happen. Stop prolonging going after what you deserve. Stop making excuses for not pushing forward by saying you have to wait until tomorrow. There might not always be a tomorrow so we must act now, make the most of this second, change our lives and circumstances to the best of our ability with the time we are guaranteed. I encourage you to take advantage of every waking second of your day to create a fresh start if you are unhappy where you are. If you are happy with where you are, take every second to make it better and step even more into a life of authenticity. Life can always get better at any second of the day.


Jenna LairdComment