Falling Apart or Falling Into Place?

So many times we watch plans fall apart, things not go according to plan, goals get delayed and we become defeated. We want to give up, feeling like nothing is going to go right. In my past experiences, I would slip into a depression or engage in behaviors in the past. I put all my hope and happiness in this plan and it all falls apart. I invested all of me only for it to not work. But today as authentic Jenna, what I realize through any setbacks or struggles, is that the falling apart is actually building for me a completely new, better, truer to my heart dream. The breaking is one of the greatest blessings I can be given. It builds for me new paths that I thought would be closed, opens new opportunities for me that feel more perfect for my life than the original plan, inspires me beyond what I believe is possible, instills in me changes that I thought I could not do. The falling apart is my greatest motivator. But it took some time for me to see that. It took tears and pain and frustration for me to recognize what life blesses me with in the trials. Be patient in your troubles when things are not going according to plan. Keep your eyes and heart and mind open to what can come of this temporary predicament. Do not let it be a setback but your greatest comeback. It is and will always be worth it so keep fighting, keep believing, and keep holding on to the hope. Your brokenness is being reshaped right now and it will be absolutely beautiful.


Jenna LairdComment