Fear's Other Side is Freedom

We were all born to be free. We are destined to live a life not held back or confined. But fear holds us back from that freedom. When you gain and allow yourself freedom, it is amazing how beautifully life unfolds. To me, freedom is flying with no limitations. It is about flapping your wings into the unknown, being bold and taking chances in the world knowing you may falter, get worn out, and not land in a place you imagined. Freedom is taking chances with the risk of failing. There can be no real freedom without the freedom to fail. And failing is inevitable in life. There will be many barriers amidst your flight to your dreams. But freedom is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way getting you to where you need to be and then choosing to overcome it. Freedom is life changing, redirecting the course of your life. Embrace your right to be free today. Let it take you to a place of hope, love, and peace. We do that by doing what scares us, by letting go, by doing the “impossible”. It is often the things we are most afraid of that will set us on the path of freedom.


Jenna LairdComment