Fill Your Mind

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

Our thoughts hold tremendous power. How we think, the connotation of our thoughts, the energy they exude impact greatly our emotions and behaviors. If we think negatively, our lives are going to reflect that. Living with an eating disorder gave me platform on which to speak of this. My mind was consumed with negative thoughts about food, degrading thoughts about my body, defeating thoughts about my strength to recover, and bullying thoughts to myself scrutinizing every action. I would not allow positive thoughts to enter my mind and cultivate into a beautiful life. It was forbidden by me because that meant happiness and healing and health; things I believed I did not deserve nor live a life worthy enough to warrant. One negative thought bred another and another moving me away from authenticity and into a life of anxiety, depression, and struggle. Each thought was one step further from the life of my dreams creating even more intense negative thoughts because of my unhappiness being in a dark place. I had to consciously plant positive thoughts in my head when I decided that I was wanting a life of authenticity and light. I had to deliberately insert a fresh, positive, hope filled thought into my mind. Many times I did not believe them but that was because what I made my truth was all lies. I had to fight against all I knew. It took effort to make the change, but it was energy well invested. The more I did it, the more natural it became. Each positive thought was propelling me in the right direction to a life of fulfilled dreams, one I dwell in now. Our thoughts are a direct reflection of the lives we live. I now make sure to only let thoughts grow in my mind that I would want to put in a vase and display for all to see.


Jenna LairdComment