Find Your Peace

Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll find peace.” Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”

We choose the way we respond to life. We can see everything as a setback or view things as an opportunity for growth. We can see obstacles or chances to be strengthened. We can focus on our inability to do things or on the possibility to do them in the future if we do not give up. It's our choice and we need to remind ourselves of this every second. True happiness is not created and motivated by “happenings” but rather by the “truth.” If your mind is covered in the truth, the truth will produce confidence, courage, and peace in your heart and mind. You know that you need not be discouraged and worn down by disappointments, worry, and fear because it will never be in vain. The peace within you knows the truth that with patience, the pain will turn into purpose. This is not to say you must deny the feeling of discomfort, the feeling of pain, suffering, and frustration. You can acknowledge it, but you need not let it crush you or dwell in it. When you put your attention, focus and concentration on what IS joyful in life, the negative loses it power. If we can learn to train ourselves to focus on the truth, we will find that anxiety will be replaced with peace. I encourage you to choose, from now on, to put all your focus on what is pure, lovely, just, honorable, true, anything of excellence and worthy of praise, and commendable.


Jenna LairdComment