Gardening Your Future

I ask myself every day, “Is what I am doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?” Is saying no to going out with others going to help me in my quest to help others on a broader scale? Is measuring myself next to someone else going to contribute to complete acceptance of myself? Is pointing out my flaws in the mirror going to enhance the unconditional love I have for my body? Is acting on urges going to get me to learn to always follow my heart? Is continually reverting back to safe foods or safe clothes going to help me to embrace and learn what I actually like? Is denying what makes me smile going to help me on my quest for internal, eternal happiness? Is suppressing my tears allowing me to get in touch with my authentic self? Is engaging in this negativity via a television show or people or behaviors going to give me a positive life I can be proud of being a contributor to? Is just talking the talk going to bring me to a life where I am able to walk what I speak? All my behaviors today impact tomorrow. Your today builds your future. Those little moments create the path of your destiny. The power is in our hands to construct the life of our dreams. It begins with every decision you make throughout the day. Make everyone count.


Jenna LairdComment