Go Do

Do not could, should, or would your life away. It does no good to live in regret or wish for things to happen. Life is about action. Life is about going out there and making your dreams happen, fulfilling the promises you keep to yourself, going after your goals. For a long time, I sat back in my life and was waiting for change. I could have done this or I would have done this if things were different I would say. I should do this I would tell myself followed by a long list of excuses. My life was supposed to be in my hands, but I was trying to hand it off to others or to circumstances. I wasn't owning it. Change happened when I woke up one day and decided that I was going to DO. I was going to show up and be a part of life and ACT. I was going to overcome. And every night, I can now end my day with a list before me of all the things I did, no longer a long list of the actions I could have done. My beloveds, I encourage you to do. I encourage you to go out and make things happen. I encourage you to live a life that will create a catalog of 'dids'. Be brave, and go do.


Jenna LairdComment