Grace and Gratitude

Dwelling on past decisions you’ve made only allow those decisions to keep defining you. Forgive yourself and move on.
— Mandy Hale

Forgive yourself. There is great healing in showing yourself grace and compassion. There is tremendous benefit to letting go of our mistakes. No matter what the situation is, holding in feelings of guilt will get you nowhere. Instead of dwelling on what happened, focus on the future. There is no point in focusing on things you can’t change. Instead, reflect on the good, the positive that came from it, the lesson you learned, the person it made you today. You can’t change the past, so why constantly focus on it? I used to hold so much resentment towards the Jenna in the depths of illness. I could not forgive her for hurting others and the lies she told and the things she did that kept her trapped. In this anger and lack of forgiveness towards her, it was so easy for me to treat her horribly. It was easy to engage in behaviors to punish her and keep her from living out her dreams. I felt she didn’t deserve better. When I was able to forgive that Jenna, I was able to move forward. I was bestowing upon myself a beautiful gift of a new beginning and to be authentic. And I was able to look at the past Jenna with gratitude for her journey brought me to today where I can inspire and help others. Her existence gave me purpose. It no longer matters what she did but what her actions showed me and built.


Jenna LairdComment