Healing Is In The Hurting

Even when it hurts, choose life. Even when you feel weak, choose to let go. Even when you want to fall, choose to walk. Even when you want to give in, choose to go on. When the weight of the world is upon you, choose to take the option to bring you alive. It won't be easy and it won't be painless, but the healing is in the hurting. You discover an undeniable strength, an infinite will, an unbreakable hope when you decide to choose the road less walked. The path to life will reveal a beauty within that will one day leave you in awe, bewildered to why you ever wanted to give that all up. But to achieve that, today, you must choose to be alive. You must wake up. You must relinquish control. You must decide to follow your heart. Every beat is a gift, so today, treat it for what a precious thing it is.


Jenna LairdComment