Hold and Trust

In my life my vision never changed. It was to live a life in joy and love. It was to be at peace with myself and who I was to become. It was to be fully immersed in this life and change lives. It was to be a light. It was to speak truth.

The journey to make that vision become reality was not at all what I expected.

Along the way I found myself in an ocean of self hate completely lost and alone a...nd in the dark drowning. There were trials beyond what I believed I was ever strong enough to handle. There were battles I felt I was too weak to ever conquer. There were losses that left me with an emptiness I never thought could ever be filled. I was hurting and exhausted. I wanted to give up and sacrifice the vision.

But I had to trust the process.

I was never promised a pain free life. I was never guaranteed a dream that would be handed to me without a cost. There is always a price to what you want most. You have to be willing to pay to reach the vision of your heart believing the end will be worth all you invested. Trusting when it becomes tangible it will far surpass what your mind had the capacity to imagine. Having faith all of the pain you thought would kill you was all to work for the benefit of your purpose.

Never let go of the vision because of the arduous process you will have to endure to achieve it. You will survive it. You will claim victory. Hold on and trust.


Jenna LairdComment