Hold Your Own Worth

Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

It is so easy to place our self worth in the hands of others. We look to what others say about us and how they treat us to determine our value. We rely on the compliments to boost our self esteem. We depend on the treatment from others to show us how we should feel. We search for the approval of others to validate our decisions, to help us decide whether or not we can like ourselves that day. We seek out the opinions of others to determine our next step, who we should be, what will make us happy. While kind words and little reminders of the good people we are nice for a boost in self confidence, we cannot rely solely on them to define our worth. We cannot depend on those compliments to determine what love we show ourselves or how we feel about ourselves. It is when we depend on others to define us that we have lost ourselves. We stop living for us and instead on what others want, on what people deem “pretty” or “acceptable” or “worthy” of attention. We live to please. We sacrifice who we are to earn that compliment. You can spend your time meeting society's standards but your confidence will not follow. Because in the end, as you prepare to end the day and you strip down to a bare face and put the mask away, it will only be you in the reflection. There will be nobody behind you dishing out compliments. They have to come from WITHIN YOU as you stand there authentically and natural. The worth and peace must come from you. It is YOU, your actions and behaviors, your decisions from the heart, your values and characters that should provide self-worth, not someone's assessment of you. Those people will come and go but you are living within you forever.


Jenna LairdComment