I Have Restless Soul Syndrome

My feet are tingling to have their soles touch this land again, spending their days dreaming of leaving their prints in the ground.

The wanderlust, beginning as just a mere shower, is now a monsoon sweeping over my every thought and fantasy.

I crave to see the sun from this perspective, feeling it on my skin in an atmosphere that speaks to a heart always seeking new wonders.

I long to be an observer, listening as words are being spoken my mind does not yet understand but yet my soul knows exactly what they are saying.

I yearn to explore the streets where my soul first learned to dance, skipping over and trampling upon and gliding around every fear and doubt and pain.

I ache to step into the light once powerful enough to scare away the darkness I carried there with me, giving me the sweet taste of freedom on my tongue I spent years forgetting how satisfying it could be.

I desire to stand once more at the city’s highest peak overlooking a vast world, searching for an end of what sprawls in beauty and splendor before me. Staring at a horizon beyond what the eye could even imagine. Shrinking me back down to remind me there is an endless world out there for me to conquer abundantly full of possibilities and dreams waiting to be claimed.

It is only a matter of time before I grant my wishes. It is inevitable. It is mandatory. The story would not be complete without that chapter.

My soul is already writing it as my mind writes this.


Jenna LairdComment