It All Happens In This Now

Start now.

Regardless of your past and not waiting for your future. With doubt and fear and pain. With a voice trembling and hands shaking. Now is all you have and now is all you need to begin to achieve anything you want. What you do now can redeem your yesterdays and create your tomorrows. Now is where you make the pieces come together. Now is where change takes place.

It will hurt. It will be uncomfortable. It will stretch you to your limits. Embarking on a change, taking a risk. shaking up your life is going to be a shock to your mind and body. It is going to feel like you are cracking and any minute will shatter. The super glue of destructive habits you used to keep you together not being there anymore is going to make you feel broken.

It will be scary to be exposed, to have the cracks showing, to let the light in to awaken your sleeping soul. To feel hope again is going to scare you. To have the ability to let in love will feel vulnerable. To feel the breath of life coursing through your body again will feel foreign, unknown, and thus leave you feeling out of control.

Nothing will be your normal anymore. But remember your normal was killing you. Your normal was keeping you trapped. Your status quo was robbing you of what you, whether you believe it or not, deserve and that is love, life, happiness, and hope. It is time to start letting go.

Today, in this very moment, it is time to say no to death and yes to life. Begin now in complete fear and vulnerability and unknown. Begin right at this minute to feel again, to breathe again, to love again, to be you again. Start and never stop.

The best time for new beginnings is now.


Jenna LairdComment