It Will Make Sense Soon

There is something so beautiful and magical when after you endure a tumultuous part of your journey in life, you start to see all the reasons for that experience. You begin to see how worth it that time was, how much it changed your life, how much better of a person you are for it. There were many moments in my time in recovery where I doubted my decision. Was this all just one big mistake? Why did I do this to myself? Am I ever going to feel the happiness and love? Certain things would happen that would test my patience and my sanity which would put me in a hole of self doubt and anger towards myself. I had to reach the point where I stopped questioning, accepted the path I chose, and stood firm in my belief that all things happen for a reason and will work out for good in some way. I had to believe that this struggle would result in triumph. And that it did. Every day since committing, I experience something new. I reap the benefits of the time I dedicate to healing and enduring the great struggle. I am witnessing doors being opened that I thought were permanently closed, experiencing moments I deemed impossible. I say this to remind you that if you are in a tough spot right now questioning yourself and your future, it DOES get better. Keep going and keep holding onto hope. There is a greater plan for you beyond what you can see. Trust in that.


Jenna LairdComment