Life is Happening

In life, some dreams are going to not come true. Certain goals are going to go unachieved. Our paths will take a new route. It is important to come to peace with the fact that the plans we create are not always going to happen. I do not say this to tell you not to dream or to plan. I say it to remind you to hold them loosely, to be flexible, to be open to adjustments and setbacks. We cannot keep waiting for everything in life to align so that our dreams will happen perfectly and on time. We have to keep living because life is going to keep moving regardless of what we do. Because life is happening and it longs to be lived. Pick up all the scattered dreams and build a life you love with them. I may not have accomplished what I wanted fifteen years ago, but I have fulfilled goals for myself that the present Jenna set based on her current circumstances and what she battled in life. I may set goals for myself today and thirty year old Jenna will look back and realize none of them came to life either. But that Jenna will have accomplished and overcome things that present Jenna could not even begin to fathom she could do, could not even be bold enough to think of them as possibilities. Life is full of the unexpected. Embrace it. Move with it. Live with it. Be in it. Wrap yourself in its beauty because it truly is something remarkable.


Jenna LairdComment