Living For Me

It is amazing how much can evolve in a year. I look at who I was, or more so who I pretended to be, this time last year, and so much is different. Much of that Jenna no longer exists but in memories, and I am completely okay with that. As I continue to grow into myself and step into authenticity, I am realizing how much of me was living a lie. I was living for others, feeling for others, speaking what I thought wanted to be heard, acting in a manner I believed people would accept, morphing into the Jenna the world was telling me to be. I never stopped to look up in the mirror and see that the girl reflecting back at me was not Jenna. It was a carefully constructed, people pleasing, imaginary person. I wasn’t listening to my heart. I was making decisions that would get me to the future that others wanted for me, created for me, projected on me to have. I was walking a path paved by other’s hands. I was following signs that I summoned in my own mind to convince me that I was doing the right things. I was living for others. I was living to earn love, to feel like I deserved care, to be the perfect Jenna. Today, I am making decisions and changes in my life for ME, for MY heart, for MY future, and that is creating a beautiful bliss. I encourage you to live in truth today and live for you.


Jenna LairdComment