Love Yourself First

So many times I talk to people struggling with self love. They tell me how much they hate themselves, and my heart breaks because I have known that place all too well. For me, I found the most of my hate came because I was not living authentically. I was living for others, for the illness, for expectations. Of course I hated that person because it wasn't ME! I was angry at myself for living for everything and everyone else which turned into hate and behaviors. I was living far off from my dreams because I was following the ones others had for me which left me feeling empty, purposeless, and lost. It made me feel weak for denying myself and going with others. The more I stepped away from who I truly was, the easier it became to hate that person and to treat her horribly. People will tell me that it will take forever for their love to grow, and I will not lie. It will take time. But it will be time well spent. Nothing so beautiful comes easy. Do something small. I encourage you every day to do something authentic, that YOU want, that will set you free, that will give you the purpose. Be willing to feel the discomfort and let people down who won't expect you to be you. Wear your favorite color. Do your hair your favorite way. Watch your favorite movie. Listen to what your heart wants. You want to dance around your room to Disney tunes? Do it! You want to drive with the music blaring? Do it! You want to paint your nails the rainbow? Do it! Come into your own. The more you do them, the more you will find happiness. Your heart already knows who you are. We have just learned to silence it with our roaring defeating thoughts. Be attentive to its whispers. Once you step into authenticity, love grows, and the rest will start to fall into place.


Jenna LairdComment