Never The Same You Twice

Embrace what a beautiful thought it is that you will never be the same self twice in your life. Every day you are different, growing, learning, evolving more into yourself. We make decisions that change us. We encounter challenges that strengthen us and teach us. We hear, see something that gives us a new perspective. We meet someone who brings out something new in us. Every day we go through something that changes us in a way that we could never go back to the people we once were. I fought this for so long, unwilling to change and let go. I was clinging to a Jenna that felt safe and familiar although she was not true. In the past, this concept would have scared me for it meant I was moving away from the Jenna that would always be accepted and was what people wanted. Now, it is thrilling. It means the opportunity to move more into authenticity every day. It means another reason to love myself. It means being even more engaged in a beautiful life. It means adding beauty in this life with the presence of my genuine, unhidden spirit and heart. If I lose people with the real Jenna, if people cannot handle her, I am at peace with that. Acceptance from everyone in the world is not worth my death. My own love is going to be enough…


Jenna LairdComment