Nothing Happens Until You Decide

Many of us end up feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or anxious about the next step in our lives. We’re afraid to make a choice. We are paralyzed by what to do next, where to go from here. It seems like there is so much to do but we have no idea how to begin or scared to take that step for fear of the unknown. But did you know that anxiety, stress, and that feeling of being “stuck” grow out of the space of indecision? Life is a series of choices. When we spend too long thinking and mulling between choices (without action) that’s where fear, anxiety, and overwhelm can grow and fester. So next time you feel “stuck” it’s a sign that you need to make a choice (any choice). Remember, you can always make another choice down the road. Nothing is finite and nothing is set in stone. If you decide in a week, you are unhappy, then try something else. Keep making new choices until you find the one that makes you happy and leads you to your dreams. I have faced so many moments where I felt lost and trapped in unhappiness. But it all stemmed from me not choosing to live, to recover, to overcome. I kept procrastinating with my decision. I was in limbo and that left me continuously anxious. It wasn’t until I decided I WANTED to be alive, that I could breathe again and feel free. It starts with one choice after another. Begin today. I believe in you.


Jenna LairdComment