Onto Another Adventure

Step into this experience with butterflies in your bones; with a nervous feeling so beautiful, you know you’re doing something right.

I spent a few months in the dark but recently I chose to let the light in again. I chose to let go. I chose to embrace life once more. It feels good to have my light back. And it feels even better to know with the fire reignited dreams are sure to follow and freedom is sure to be felt and beauty is sure to be created. New experiences are about to be written in my book of life, and although a bit daunting and frightening, I know without a doubt they are on the path to lead me towards my purpose.

I embrace the fear. It is a beautiful feeling to be scared for it means I have something to lose that is precious if I do not move forward. It means I embrace I may fall but keep attempting flight despite of it. It means my soul is ready to explore and live. And I painfully ached for that adventure more than I thought I ever would.

I did not realize how much I missed the excitement of being alive, that pure joy of having breath fill your lungs and love cascade in your heart and a never ending hope dwell in your soul, until I lost it in the darkness. But thankfully it found its way back to me when I turned the light back on.

Today I am glowing and I intend to keep it that way.

Jenna LairdComment